Feng Shui Personal Date Selection Guide 2018 eBook

Feng Shui Personal Date Selection Guide 2018

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Finally!! The ancient Chinese wisdom of ZeRi (date selection) has been simplified for you, now, you too can infuse your activities with the auspicious energies of a good date. "Feng shui personal date selection guide 2018" is an easy to use, handy and portable e-book that can help you to select the dates for various activities.

To know what are the suitable activities for a day, you simply have to refer to the particular date and you will know the suitable activities, unsuitable activities, clash years, auspicious and inauspicious hours. You don't require any prior knowledge of feng shui or zeri.

With the help of "Feng shui personal date selection guide 2018" e-book you can select suitable dates for important events such as
• opening business
• weddings
• getting engaged
• signing contract
• financial dealings
• proposing marriage
• negotiation
• conceiving
• starting school/higher education/job
• seeking medical assistance
• traveling etc.

Feng shui personal date selection guide 2018 contains
• suitable activity for the day
• unsuitable activity for the day
• auspicious hours of the day 
• inauspicious hours of the day
• Chinese animal sign of the day (60 Jia Zhi)
• clash animal sign
• clash birth years

"Feng shui personal date selection guide 2018" is based on the traditional Chinese almanac also known as tong shu, it uses the powerful methods of xuan kong da gua, Master Dong Gong. 12 officers, annual and month clash and three killings (san sha) days. It is the simplified version of the complicated tong shu (Chinese almanac) and doesn't contain any confusing charts or tables.

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