Office Feng Shui consultation (On-Site)

Feng Shui consultation office

The success of any business lies with its employees. In an office it is essential to have a working environment that promotes the growth of your business and optimizes employee performance. 

Through an office feng shui consultation Ms. Bose can help you improve on all key aspects of your business. She will address your concerns and work along with you to resolve your issues.

Ms.Jayashree Bose will guide you on how to enhance the growth of your business by

  • creating a healthy work environment for all employees;
  • placing key personnel's offices in locations that promote the growth of your business;
  • suggesting changes that increase employee productivity and reduces redundancy;
  • providing support for your entire office so that it functions as "one" commercially viable unit.

Your analysis will include the bazi assessment of key personnels so that you know how best to utilize their potentials to run your business more productively and profitably.

How is an office feng shui consultation done?

On-site consultations conducted personally by Jayashree Bose.

Minimum three meetings required.

First meeting – data collection

Jayashree Bose and her assistant will visit your office and collect all the relevant information. She will personally discuss areas you want to improve in your office. After that she will need to walk around your office so that she can take the relevant measurements. She will also need to take measurements outside your office.

The amount of time required for the initial visit depends on the size of your office and your queries. Generally, it takes about 2-4 hrs (for medium sized  offices 100 - 150 employees) and could range up to 1-2 days (for larger sized offices 1000+ employees).

Your report will be personally prepared by Jayashree Bose and will be ready within 12-15 working days. (For outstation office consults report delivery time can be reduced to 3-4 days depending on the size of the project.)

The written report will contain recommendations on

  • permanent recommendations;
  • structural changes of your property (if required);
  • annual remedial recommendations (for the particular year);
  • room allocations for key personnel's of the office;
  • favorable directions to be used by different members of the office;
  • stove/burner placement (if required to be changed);
  • dates and time when the changes can be done.

Second meeting – report delivery

Ms.Jayashree Bose will visit your office to explain the full report and recommendations to you. She will discuss the structural changes with you and whether you would be willing to do the same. If you want to do the structural changes then she will select good dates for the same. On a specified date and time she will personally visit to explain the structural changes to the renovator/mason/foreman (extra charges could be applicable).

Ms.Bose will show you the locations where your remedies need to be placed. She will also guide you regarding locating key personnel office rooms; directions that can be used by your key personnel. During this visit she will also discuss the bazi's of the key personnels. 

Third meeting – follow up consultation

Follow up consultation will be after you have made all the changes. In the follow up consultation Jayashree Bose will

  • check if all structural changes have been completed;
  • check if all remedial recommendations have been placed in the correct location;
  • answer your questions;
  • take an update on the improvements you have seen.

Report delivery

  • All reports are personally written by Ms.Jayashree Bose therefore it takes 12-15 working days to complete the reports. (For outstation office consults report delivery time can be reduced to 3-4 days depending on the size of the project.)
  • Ms. Bose will personally visit your office and explain the report to you.  


    Depends on the size of the office and the number of key members. Send us your details and we will get in touch with you.

    $ 999.00 USD

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