Feng Shui Professional Date Selection Guide 2019

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Feng shui pro date selection guide 2019” is easy to use annual date selection reference manual for practitioners, students or feng shui enthusiast who need to select a good date on a regular basis. It follows a simple tabular format which makes it easy for you to know the star of a particular hour, day, month, year.

You can use Feng shui pro date selection guide 2019” to select dates for

  • applying feng shui remedies;
  • business openings;
  • starting new business ventures;
  • doing construction and earthworks – digging, ground breaking;
  • weddings;
  • engagements;
  • starting litigation;
  • burials and funerals;
  • seeking medical help;
  • starting school/higher studies;
  • asking for a raise;
  • gain help from others etc.

Feng shui pro date selection guide 2019 contains: -

  • Tai Sui location
  • Tsui Po location
  • Qi men dun jia year and month charts
  • Qi men dun jia ju - day and hour pan
  • Starting dates and time of 24 Jie Qi
  • Na yin of the day, month, year
  • Lunar month start dates
  • Annual, monthly, daily and hourly pillars (60 Jia Zhi)
  • Xuan kong da gua numbers - Annual, monthly, daily and hourly
  • Flying stars – Annual, month, daily and hour.
  • Hexagram numbers for the year, month, day and hour.
  • San Sha - Annual, monthly and daily.
  • Clash Animal - Annual, monthly and daily
  • 28 asterisms/constellations including explanations
  • 12 Officers including explanations
  • Master Dong Gong method including explanation
  • Annual and monthly flying star chart
  • Location of stars - year virtue, year virtue combo, year income, written report, silkworm, Hercules, scholar, yang noble, yin noble, year branch virtue, year horse, wu ji (capital of heaven), month virtue, month benevolence star, month storage star, fortune virtue, dragon virtue, sun, moon, white tiger, year punishment.
  • Quick reference table for stars and their locations (feng shui)

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