Feng Shui & Astrology 2018 eBook

Feng Shui & Astrology 2018 eBook

No of pages - 154
Available format - PDF/EPUB
Reading time - 2-3 hrs
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Publication date -  November 16, 2017
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Book description

"Feng shui & Astrology 2018" contains all the essential feng shui and bazi information you will require to have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2018. This book will  equip you with the special knowledge on how to enhance your financial income; boost your career; find love; have good health; achieve academic success; gain help from people; improve relationships; remove obstacles and hindrances; improve communication skills etc.

You will know

  • Your personal favorable directions of the year;
  • the auspicious rooms in your home and office;
  • the inauspicious rooms in your home and office;
  • remedies and enhancers for inauspicious rooms;
  • the outcome of events in your life based on your personal gua number;
  • the outcome of events in your life based on the room you use frequently;
  • the outcome of events in your life based on your bazi (Chinese Astrology);
  • the rooms that help you achieve success in different aspects of your life;
  • rooms to avoid construction and repair work;
  • how different businesses will perform in 2018;
  • stock/share market performance;
  • global health issues that could happen;
  • general predictions on weather, political scenario.

Feng shui & Astrology 2018 contains all of the above and more. You get all this valuable information without having to spend any time learning jargons.

What can you do after reading the book?

  • Place the remedies and enhancers as given in the book;
  • plan your investments and finances according to the predictions given ;
  • plan your career according to the predictions given;
  • get a medical check-up done (if mentioned in the book);
  • see yourself succeed in life by using  your personal favorable direction mixed with auspicious rooms in your home and office;
  • you can ensure everyone in the family including expecting mothers, recuperating patients, the elders, children. and babies of the house have a healthy 2018;
  • you can ensure academic excellence for your children by using their personal favorable directions and rooms;
  • you can have a smooth relationship with your partner or if you are single you can find love.

This book is suitable for you only if you want to 

  • invest in your life;
  • succeed in life and don't mind a little help from the heaven;
  • transform to become a better individual;
  • lead a happy, healthy, wealthy and safe life;
  • be lucky in 2018;
  • have a prosperous and happy 2018;

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