Children Bazi Analysis (Basic)

Bazi Analysis for Children

Your child is precious and you as a parent want to give your child the best. But you often wonder if the decisions you are making for your child are correct or not? You sometimes wish you had a manual that could guide you while making the most important decisions in your child's life.

Your child's bazi analysis is a written report that will help you as parent to make the correct decisions for your child. You will understand your child's needs and wants. You can have a happier relationship with your child. You will know your child's suitable fields of study and can help your child to choose their career accordingly. You can help your child to overcome his/her difficult phases. You can guide your child to grow up to be a successful, confident, independent, responsible, happy adult.

A basic life analysis of your child which includes your child's

  • natal chart analysis;
  • personality analysis;
  • relationship analysis;
  • health analysis;
  • career/profession analysis;
  • analysis of other traits - resource, development, performance, power and wealth;
  • career/profession analysis;
  • general advice for both parent and child;
  • a look into the year.
Report delivery
  • All reports are personally written by Ms.Jayashree Bose therefore it takes 12-15 working days to complete the reports.
  • The report will be send via email.
  • You can choose to send your queries on the report via email or can have a video discussion with Ms.Bose on Skype or Google hangouts.


  • US $278

Payment method

  • Paypal
  • CCAvenue (All major credit cards, debit cards, Net Banking, EMI facility)

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