Bazi Career Analysis

Bazi Career Consultation

A Bazi (Chinese astrology) Career Analysis can help you to know whether you are

  • an entrepreneur or a job holder,
  • a team player or individual worker,
  • a leader or a follower,
  • a desk person or an outdoor person.

This knowledge can help you to decide the career path you want to take e.g. if you are a desk person you will be extremely unhappy with a marketing or a sales profile. A bazi (Chinese astrology) career analysis further helps you in knowing the most successful, suitable and thriving industry for you. You will be informed about your up and down cycles in your career. You will also know how your relationships work within your career.

A bazi (Chinese astrology) career analysis report will include

  • Your basic character analysis;
  • Selecting between a job or business;
  • Suitable industries;
  • Suitable job/business profile analysis;
  • Career growth during different luck cycles;
  • Relationship with seniors, colleagues and juniors;
  • Any major setbacks and changes in your career.

     What we require from you

    • Your name.
    • Your birth data (MM-DD-YYYY) along with the time of birth.
    • Your place of birth.
    • Your Gender.
    • All questions and points of inquiries you have regarding your career.

        Report delivery

        • All reports are personally written by Ms.Jayashree Bose therefore it takes 12-15 working days to complete the reports.
        • For online consults - The report will be send via email. You can choose to send your queries about the report via email or can have a discussion with Ms.Bose on Skype or Google hangouts or phone.
        • For office consults you can fix an appointment in the office with Ms.Bose and she will explain your bazi to you.


          • USD 268

            Payment method

            • Paypal
            • CCAvenue (All major credit cards, debit cards, Net Banking, EMI facility)

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