Jayashree Bose - Feng Shui Consultant & Author

Jayashree Bose | Feng Shui Consultant | Bazi (Chinese Astrology) | Yi Jing | ZeRi

Jayashree Bose helps businesses and individuals to transform for the better. Her tool is Chinese metaphysics, she uses feng shui, bazi (Chinese astrology), zeri (date selection) , qi men dun jia and yijing to aid her clients to achieve their dreams and aspirations. 

Quite a few years ago, Jayashree was intrigued by Chinese metaphysics and she decided to follow her heart. It was at a time when feng shui was practically unheard of in India that she decided to pursue her interest in the subject. Her pursuit of knowledge led her to personally study authentic traditional feng shui, bazi (four pillars of destiny), zeri (date selection), qi men dun jia and yi jing under some of the most revered contemporary masters in the world (names in alphabetical order) Late Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai - Malaysia; Master Ken Lai - USA; Grand Master Raymond Lo - Hong Kong; Dato Joey Yap - Malaysia and Grand Master Joseph Yu, Canada. She has attained her Feng Shui Mastery from Yap Cheng Hai Feng Shui Centre of Excellence, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Jayashree started her practice in 2001 being the first trained and certified feng shui consultant in Eastern India. It was then that she realized the general masses had a lot of misconceptions and were misinformed about feng shui. She continuously received a lot of queries regarding feng shui via emails and letters. This laid the foundation stone for "The Geo-Principles".

Jayashree started her own firm under the banner of "The Geo-Principles" in February 2003. Besides providing feng shui, bazi and yi jing consultation, the aim of the firm is to educate the general masses regarding traditional feng shui while working towards its (feng shui, bazi, yijing) acceptance in India.

In September 2003, The Geo-Principles, launched India's first traditional feng shui website. Along with it, India's first e-newsletter on traditional feng shui was also launched. In January 2004, The Geo-Principles set another milestone by publishing an information booklet on feng shui that was forwarded free of cost to people who send in their full postal address either by phone or mail. In 2014 Jayashree launched her blog www.jayashreebose.com where she regularly writes about feng shui, bazi, zeri and yijing. 

Not only has Jayashree's ingenious ideas added to the spreading of authentic feng shui but even her writings and articles have majorly contributed to the public acceptance of feng shui in India. Jayashree's articles and interviews have been printed in international and national magazines and dailies like Complete Well Being, Energy Works (EW), The Hindustan Times, The Assam Tribune, Hindi Milap, Vartha, Amar Asom, Agradoot, The Arunachal Times, Hindi Sentinel and in Assam's leading women's magazine - Nandini. In 2007 Jayashree makes her debut as an author. Her books are now available in Amazon Kindle store, Kobo, Google play store. 

Besides being an author, as a feng shui, bazi and yi jing consultant Jayashree has provided professional advice to many individuals and companies. Food and beverage companies, hotels, restaurants, training schools, IT firms, residential and commercial complexes, steel industry, clinics, retail stores, offices and not to forget the numerous houses, apartments and people who have benefited from her expertise on the subject. During her practice Jayashree has traveled extensively all over the world. Her topmost priority is to help people achieve their dreams and she respects her client’s need for confidentiality.

Jayashree counts herself fortunate and blessed, to have studied under world renowned feng shui masters. She strongly believes that everyone is born with luck; we just need to tap into it. Her strongest desire is to help people achieve what they want and realize their true self's. She says "You can have a dream and follow it through; with the correct destiny (choices) and feng shui you can realize it too." 



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