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Dear Jayashree, I have bought your eBook Feng Shui & Astrology 2018. I am very happy with it and use it often. I have a question about my BAZI and I hope you can help me out. I get lots of different answers from people. In your book you mentioned two links to other websites. If I put my birthdate in it one says I am a Rooster and the other says I am a monkey. It has to do with GMT +1 or 0. One don’t use it and then I will get Rooster as Day-master. If I use the other one with GMT +1 and get Monkey. This is because my birthdate is 23 July 1955 time 00:30. (Heemskerk at the Netherlands, GMT +1 longitude 4,68) If I use GMT +1 and longitude 4,68 then I am born on 22 July 23:43 with Day-master Monkey. If I use my birthday of my birth certificate without GMT +1 and longitude I get the Rooster. (born on 23 july) If I want to check out my elements balance I will get different answers. I heard there are different systems for calculation. Which should I use? Hope you can help me. Kind regards, Jan Huhl

Hi Jan, use the local true time that would be GMT +1 longitude 4,68, that would make your day earth branch as monkey. Day master is the another name for day stem.


Dear Ms. Bose, I recently read your eBook Feng Shui & Astrology 2018. I have made changes as suggested in your book and have got good results. I have a quick question. My house facing is north with main door in the north. I have a back door in the south. I have read that this year is north is afflicted. Should I use the south door? Sushant Dutta

Hi Sushant, you can use the back door that is located in the south.


Dear Ma'am, In your recent post you wrote about the personal directions based on gua number. I am gua 1. I am working as a lecturer in a college I would like to improve my career by acquiring a PhD in my subject. Which direction would be best for me to sit for long hours and do research? My house faces south - 183 degrees built in 2002. Please help. Niki Agarwal

Hi Niki, you are lucky to have the #1 and #4 combination in your house's natal flying star chart. You can use the southeast room for your academic pursuits. The most suitable direction for pursuing your studies would be north.





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