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Dear Jayashree, I am a student of feng shui. I have a question there are different flying stars charts - building chart, year chart, month chart, day and hour chart. I am confused as to the purpose of so many charts and how to use them. Thanks. Simone

Hi Simone, different charts have different purposes. A house's natal chart let's you know the qi distribution in the house. You can know the auspicious and inauspicious room locations. You get to know the long term (20 years) feng shui quality of the house. For short term (1 year) feng shui quality of the same property you will have to overlay the annual chart onto the house's chart and study it. Even more short term is the month chart. To study the same you have to overlay the month chart onto the annual chart followed by the house's natal chart. Day and hour chart is generally used for event predictions and feng shui date selection. If charts have you all confused you could try studying landform feng shui. Wishing you success in your studies.


Hello, I am born in the month of May, someone told me that next year I will face career related problems. Is it true? Marie Tan

Hi Marie, next year 2019 being gui hai year chances are high you will undergo career changes. It might not be a smooth change, it will be more of a forceful change. Send in your full birth data to get a better picture of what might happen. Hope this helps.


Hi Jayashree, Is qi men more powerful then rest of the Chinese metaphysics subjects? If so, why? Deepa

Hi Deepa, Chinese metaphysics is a huge subject, qi men dun jia is another system of assessing quality of qi, manipulating qi, space and time to achieve success in one's endeavours. Feng shui can also be used for the same. Have you noticed that the doors in qi men Kai, Sheng, Xiu  and Jing correlate with 6, 8, 1 and 9, even the qualities doesn't differ much. I would say qi men is another layer and used in conjunction with feng shui and bazi it can produce great results. For forecasting I use qi men, yijing and bazi to get a clearer picture of the situation, to know the outcome and how to overcome an undesirable outcome. Again in this case it is just an additional tool. I am not saying qi men is useless but to say it is the most powerful will be a little far fetched. Hope I have answered your question.




Hello Jayashree, What is in store for my love life this 2018. Female Tiger 1986 here. Hartley

Hi Hartley, love life analysis depends n the day pillar. Do send your full date of birth along with time and place of birth. 


Hello Jayashree, What is the best approach to improving a wealth area in a fenced backyard? Stacey Heatherly

Hi Stacey, to guide you properly I need to know your house facing direction and year of construction (first occupation). Since you have said it is your wealth area I presume the #8 white star or #9 purple star is in the area. If your wealth area is in the north, east, southeast or southwest you could build a water feature. But remember you need to keep it clean. Hope this helps.


Hello Jayashree, My house facing direction is 349 degrees and was built in 1992. I want to know which room to use as my children's study. Thanks Akash Bhuyan

Hi Akash, The east or the northwest room will be most suitable. Do check that there is no external or internal sha qi in the room you select. Hope this helps.


Hello Jayashree, in qi men dun jia there are directions that help to achieve success easily. I am born 1973 could you let me know my direction. Thanks Beatrice

Hi Beatrice, do send your full date of birth along with time and place of birth. 



Hello Jayashree, can a Horse (17 Aug 1990) and Rat person (7 Feb 1996) have a happy marriage? Will it have any clashes and will it last? Thank youFran Goh

Hi Fran, generally there should be no issues if you and your partner have a clash in the year stems (e.g. zi (rat) wu (horse)). I have generally seen that the partners may have different social circle or differents views on global(external) affairs. The ingredients to a lasting marriage is love, communication, friendship, sexual appetite, loyalty and the list goes on. In your case both parties seem to be a bit temperamental and demanding, especially the horse person. Pipe down a bit and things should be okay. 


Dear Jayashree, I was diagnosed with Oral cancer in 2017 and underwent treatment till May,17. Right now am fine but fear how my health will be in future. Can you guide. My date of birth is 20th August,1953. Regards, Sushma Saboo

Dear Sushma, firstly in 2018 don't use the west or the north of your home as your bedroom or a room where you spend a lot of time. This year do get a check up done. If possible get the feng shui of your house checked by a certified feng shui practitioner. Use the south direction while sleeping and doing most of your important work. Wishing you a healthy life.


Hi Jayashree, I have a retail store which occupies the north and northeast of the building. Main door is in north and a side door in northeast. Our sales has gone down since the first quarter of this year. Thanks, George Smith

Hi George, in 2018 the north is afflicted with the #5 yellow star. This could cause your sales to go down. It's difficult to say much as you have not mentioned the building facing direction and the year of construction/moving in. You could place a 6 rod metal wind chime in the north, however best would be if you could send me the complete details.


JULY 2018

Dear Jayashree, I read your post on MahaNakhon tower. I live in a condominium too. The southwest of my condo is missing. My unit is located in the south southeast sector, there is no missing corners in my unit. Will the missing southwest affect us negatively. What can be done to rectify the problem. Hope you can help me. Kind regards, Arthit 

Hi Arthit, this is a structural problem and not much can be done to rectify the issue at hand. It will only affect you negatively if you are gua 2, born in the year of shen (monkey) or wei (goat). In feng shui southwest also represents the eldest lady of the family (above 60yrs) and landed property. Therefore it could be difficult for the people living in this property to acquire landed assets. Do keep in mind that this is a general feng shui analysis, many other factors will come in play to correctly assess if a person will acquire landed assets in their lifetime.


Hi Ms.Bose, I regularly read updates you post on Good & Bad Days, I was wondering is everyone's luck bad on a clash day. I have noticed that some people are not affected by it. Are these people more lucky or do they have some secret feng shui talisman protecting them. Thanks for your reply, Moushumi Dutta 

Hi Moushumi, clash days are dates that have opposing qi with a particular year or month. The answer to your question lies in XKDG date selection method. Sometimes a person's natal bazi chart may have a connection with the clash day, then the effect of the clash day is reduced or negligible. These people might have a great day instead of the usual chaotic clash day. Also the person you see being least affected by clash days could be using Qi Men Dun Jia. Both these systems are powerful enough to stall the side effects of a clash day. 


Hello Jayashree, I was told by a reputed astrologer that I will never get married because I have no husband star in my chart. I have met someone and am thinking of getting married. Do you think marriage is possible without a husband star being present? Please help I really like this man and the feeling is mutual but I am unable to move forward due to the astrologer's words. Regards, Jenny Cho

Hi Jenny, do post your birth data for me to accurately tell you if marriage is in the cards or not. Please note that not having a husband star in the chart means you share less affinity with your husband. It could be possible that yours and his views don't match e.g. his idea of fun could be spend quiet time at home and your idea of fun could be to hang out with friends. I have seen many charts who don't have a spouse star and yet they are celebrating their 30+ years of marriage. Hope this helps. 


JUNE 2018

Dear Jayashree, I have bought your eBook Feng Shui & Astrology 2018. I am very happy with it and use it often. I have a question about my BAZI and I hope you can help me out. I get lots of different answers from people. In your book you mentioned two links to other websites. If I put my birthdate in it one says I am a Rooster and the other says I am a monkey. It has to do with GMT +1 or 0. One don’t use it and then I will get Rooster as Day-master. If I use the other one with GMT +1 and get Monkey. This is because my birthdate is 23 July 1955 time 00:30. (Heemskerk at the Netherlands, GMT +1 longitude 4,68) If I use GMT +1 and longitude 4,68 then I am born on 22 July 23:43 with Day-master Monkey. If I use my birthday of my birth certificate without GMT +1 and longitude I get the Rooster. (born on 23 july) If I want to check out my elements balance I will get different answers. I heard there are different systems for calculation. Which should I use? Hope you can help me. Kind regards, Jan Huhl

Hi Jan, use the local true time that would be GMT +1 longitude 4,68, that would make your day earth branch as monkey. Day master is the another name for day stem.


Dear Ms. Bose, I recently read your eBook Feng Shui & Astrology 2018. I have made changes as suggested in your book and have got good results. I have a quick question. My house facing is north with main door in the north. I have a back door in the south. I have read that this year is north is afflicted. Should I use the south door? Sushant Dutta

Hi Sushant, you can use the back door that is located in the south.


Dear Ma'am, In your recent post you wrote about the personal directions based on gua number. I am gua 1. I am working as a lecturer in a college I would like to improve my career by acquiring a PhD in my subject. Which direction would be best for me to sit for long hours and do research? My house faces south - 183 degrees built in 2002. Please help. Niki Agarwal

Hi Niki, you are lucky to have the #1 and #4 combination in your house's natal flying star chart. You can use the southeast room for your academic pursuits. The most suitable direction for pursuing your studies would be north.





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