Date Selection for Construction/Renovation

Date Selection for Construction

While doing construction or renovation it is essential to select an auspicious date and know the correct location to start the work or you could unintentionally trigger one of the malefic stars like 5 yellow, San sha (3 killings), Tsui Po (Year breaker), Tai sui (Grand duke of Jupiter) etc. Selecting an inauspicious date or starting your construction/renovation work from an inauspicious area could create unnecessary delays and obstacles during the construction (renovation) process.

You can ensure a smooth construction process by letting Jayashree Bose help you in selecting the right location and date for your project.

Selecting a construction/renovation date

  • ensures smooth progress for your project;
  • avoid unnecessary delays and obstacles, labour problems, project costs increases;
  • can help in on time project completion;
  • reduces any negative implications;
  • increases chances of selling your units fast (commercial projects).

We will require

  • your preferred days (weekdays or weekends);
  • preferred time; 
  • the month you would like to start the project in;
  • compass measurement of the site (we will provide guidance on how to take measurements);
  • Google map location of the proposed site;
  • birth data of key members.

In the case the month selected by you is not suitable Ms. Jayashree Bose will advice you to plan for another suitable month.

A construction/renovation date selection report will contain

  • three auspicious dates and time; 
  • location for starting the construction.
Report Delivery
    • For online consults
      • The report will be send via email.
      • A 30 min online consult with Ms. Bose via SKYPE/Whatsapp/phone.
    • For in office consult - a prior appointment will be set for you. You can meet Ms.Bose for explanation of your report.

    Payment method

    • Paypal 
    • CCAvenue 
    • Cards
    • NetBanking

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