Annual 2019 Date Selection Guide

Annual 2019 Date Selection Guide

You can use your personalized "Annual Qi men dun jia 2019 date guide” to plan your daily activities according to your good and bad days. This guide is based on your personal birth data, it will contain your excellent days, good days, average days and bad days along with favorable and unfavorable activities for the day. You will also get day and  bi-hourly directions with suitable activity for all your personal  auspicious days.

It is an easy to use personalized date selection tool where you don’t have to spend any time learning complicated jargon.

Your personalized date selection guide will contain

  • A simple step by step guide on how to use your “Annual Qi men dun jia 2019 date guide
  • Your suitable activities for the day.
  • Your unsuitable activities for the day.
  • Your personal auspicious days  (labelled as excellent, good, mediocre, above average, average).
  • Dominant element days.
  • Favorable element days.
  • Focus of the day - based on your personal bazi.
  • Your personal inauspicious days.
  • General auspicious days of the year.
  • General inauspicious days of the year.
  • Clash animal of the month and day.
  • Start day of each Chinese month.
  • Suitable qi men dun jia direction  - day and/or hour for your auspicious dates.

How are the auspicious and inauspicious dates selected?

Zeri is a complicated study in Chinese Five Arts. Many different systems are used to select an auspicious date, time and activity. To select auspicious dates and time, your bazi will be used in correlation with the Chinese five Arts method mentioned below.

  • your personal bazi,
  • Qi men dun jia,
  • Xuan kong da gua,
  • Master Dong Gong,
  • 12 officers,
  • Annual Shen Sha,
  • Na Yin,
  • 28 constellations.

You can order the Annual Qi Men Dun Jia 2019 Date Guide for:

  • 1 month or
  • 3 months or
  • 6 months or
  • 1 year.

    How will your report be delivered?

    • After you place the order we will collect the details via email within 24 hrs on a working day and within 48 – 72 hrs on non-working days.
    • All reports are personally prepared by Ms. Jayashree Bose.
    • Your report will be delivered 12 -15 working days from the date of your order.
    • Your report will be delivered via email and if you want you can set up an online meeting on SKYPE or speak with Ms. Jayashree Bose via phone.
    • All your queries regarding your report will be personally answered by Ms. Jayashree Bose.

     Payment options

    • Paypal 
    • CCAvenue 
    • Cards
    • NetBanking

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