Yi Jing Reading

It is the decisions that we make today which shape our tomorrow. If it is a right decision then we enjoy the fruits however if we make a wrong decision then we bear the brunt of it. Yijing (I ching) is one of the various metaphysics tools that can help a person make the right decision.

How do we use yi jing (I ching) reading in decision making process?
Yi jing can be used to know about

  • career/job changes and its outcome
  • business outcome
  • relationship outcome
  • your marriage
  • litigation outcome
  • wealth forecast
  • knowing health issues
  • predicting the stock market
  • feng shui of a property
  • whether to invest or not to invest

Yijing (I ching) used along with the bazi of a person, can provide an insight into immediate problems and its outcome. Not only does it guide a person in the current situation, it foretells the future and gives instruction on what to do or not to do, how to turn an adverse situation around, when it is favorable to move and when should one not move at all.

For an yijing (I ching) reading the only requirement is a specific query for e.g. "I am worried about my career?" or "How will my relationship with XYZ be?". Yijing (I ching) is not dependent on your birth data. However yijing (I ching) reading can be done only for one query at a time.


  • Ques(1) How will it be if I stay in my present job?
  • Ques (2) How will it be if I join XYZ company?
  • Ques (3) Outlook of relationship with my husband/wife.

Report delivery

  • Report will be delivered via email. You can further book an appointment for a Skype call.
  • Report will be ready within 8-10 working days.


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