Feng Shui | Astrology | Date Selection eBook Series 2018

To achieve your goals and dreams in 2018 blend heaven (time and destiny), earth (feng shui) and man (activity) luck. Select the book that best suits your need.

Want to utilize the auspicious days and time in 2018 based on your endeavors - opt for Feng Shui Personal Date Selection Guide 2018 

Want to know your auspicious directions, suitable rooms and what the future holds for you in 2018 - opt for Feng Shui & Astrology 2018.

You are a feng shui, bazi, zeri and/or qi men dun jia practitioner or student and you need a quick reference guide that has the details of all the stars present in a particular hour, day, month - opt for Feng Shui Professional Date Selection Guide 2018.




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