Bazi Consultation 2019 (Month wise analysis)

Bazi Consultation 2019 will provide you with an in-depth look into how 2019 will be for you. You will have the special foreknowledge about how your career, business, relationship will be in 2019. Being aware of the events that will occur in your life will help you to make informed decisions. You will have an extra edge in every aspect of your life. You can plan your activities for the year and every month.

  • Your personal annual “Bazi Consultation 2019 (month wise)” report will contain
  • Annual analysis (1st February 2019 to 1st February 2020) – how will the year be for you.
  • Career focus - your career focus in 2019.
  • Career outlook for 2019 along with months when you will do well or undergo changes or have problems.
  • Personal life focus - get to know what you should focus on in 2019 - health, relationship, personal pursuits.
  • Relationship outlook for 2019 – will include notes on relationship with parents, partner (spouse) and children.
  • Wealth outlook for 2019 – will you make any property or investments? Should you invest in the stock market this year? How will your finances be this year?
  • Health outlook for 2019 – whether your health will be good or will you suffer from any major health issues?
  • Month by month analysis (from 4th February 2019 – 30th January 2020) – a look into how each month will be for you.
  • Personal recommendations by Ms.Jayashree Bose on how to enhance your luck in 2019.

“Bazi Consultation 2019 (month wise)” report delivery

  •  All reports are personally prepared by Ms. Jayashree Bose.
  • Your report will be delivered 12 -15 working days from the date of receiving all details.
  • Your report will be delivered via email and you get a one on one 60 minute consultation on SKYPE/Phone/Office with Ms. Jayashree Bose.
  • All your queries regarding your report will be answered by Ms.Jayashree Bose during your one on one consult.

    What we require from you

    • Your name
    • Your gender
    • Birth data (mm/dd/yyyy) along with time (kindly specify if you were born during DST).
    • Place of birth.

     Payment options:

    • Paypal 
    • CCAvenue 
    • Cards
    • NetBanking

    Have more questions? Let us answer them for you.

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