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    Everyone requires a little heaven luck. Now you too can have heaven luck on your side by selecting auspicious time and day to start your endeavors.

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    A destiny bazi (Chinese astrology) analysis can answer all your questions about your life. It can further help you to know yourself and make the most of what life has to offer you.

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    Harness the power of your environment. Increase your income; achieve success; boost your career; find love; have good health; achieve academic success; gain help from people; improve relationships; remove obstacles and hindrances; improve communication skills.

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Jayashree Bose - feng shui consultant and writer

A few years ago, Jayashree Bose was intrigued by Chinese metaphysics and she decided to follow her heart. Today, instead of just being a feng shui enthusiast she is one of the leading feng shui and bazi consultant in India.

It was at a time when feng shui was practically unheard of in India that she decided to pursue her interest in the subject, this has led her to personally study authentic traditional feng shui, bazi (four pillars of destiny) and yi jing under some of the most revered contemporary masters in the world (names in alphabetical order) Master Raymond Lo...

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