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The recent Olympics (2008) have quite a few people wanting to know about Chinese numbers especially the number 8. Is it really auspicious? What about other numbers? And the questions go on.

Numbers in ancient China
Ancient Chinese believed that numbers represented the astronomical system. The ancients further divided the numbers as yang (masculine) and yin (feminine) numbers, numbers represent elements, seasons, colors, organs and directions. Each number is associated with a specify kind of qi and has its own special essence. No number is considered good or bad, each number has their own attributes which is further enhanced or reduced during certain time periods making them benevolent or malevolent.

Numbers are used in feng shui to look into past events and predict future events. In xuan kong system in feng shui numbers play a vital role, the houses natal chart is nothing but a combination of numbers in different directions, understanding these numeral combination is important as they play a vital role in the layout of a house or building, pathways, entry and exit roads, water placement, room allocations, placement of door, placement of stove, placement of bed and desk.

Is the number 8 really auspicious?
According to xuan kong system in feng shui we are in the period 8 (2004 to 2024); during period 8 the number 8 is considered extremely auspicious. It signifies wealth, prosperity, happiness and health. The number 8 is also known as a white star which is an auspicious star. Therefore number 8 is generally considered extremely auspicious during period 8.

What about the other numbers? Are they auspicious as well or are there inauspicious numbers?
Here you will need to understand the time concept and its cyclical nature. Nothing remains auspicious or inauspicious forever. The number 8 is considered extremely auspicious during period 8 (2004 to 2024) however in period 9 (2024 – 2044) its power reduces and in period 1 (2044 to 2064) it is considered dead qi or a star with no energy and so on and so forth.

The general inauspicious numbers are 2 and 5 and these numbers are associated with health issues and obstacles. The number 3 is an aggressive star. The number 9 and number 1 are considered auspicious numbers in period 8(2004 to 2024).

For individual luck a lot depends on the person's natal chart, if an individual's natal chart requires wood in his life then following the attributes of numbers 3 and 4 and using these numbers will bring him good luck. However if the same individual has no necessity for earth in his natal chart and earth is his inauspicious star then using number 8 will bring in bad luck for him.

Therefore using numbers for individual luck and gain is slightly tricky but you can use number 8 for general luck.

The reason for selecting 8-8-08 as opening date for Beijing Olympics 2008 is related to the star alignment during that particular date and time. Also the numbers contained in the particular day brings in it own luck. your social media marketing partner